WB44x10009 ERB44x10009 GE Range Bake Element 1 Year Warranty


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Part Numbers: WB44X10009, AP2031061, 260864, AH249344, EA249344, PS249344, B003BIGDCC.

1 Year Warranty

GE WB44X10009 - Measures: Length - 18", Width - 15-1/2", Terminal depth - 3-1/4" - 2585 Watts - 240 volts - Used on GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore, and other brands of ranges. 

Fits: JBC27BY2, JBC27BY3, JBP19BB1, JBP19BY2, JBP19BY3, JBP19BY4, JBP21BB1 JBP21BY2, JBP21BY3, JBP21BY4, JBP21WA1, JBP21WB1, JBP22DA1, JBP24BY2, JBP24BY3, JBP24BY4, JBP24DY2, JBP24DY3, JBP24DY4, JBP60BB1WH, JBP60BY2WH, JBP60BY3WH, JBP60BY4WH, JBP60BY5WH, JBP61DA1WH, JBP61DA2WH, ,JBP61DB1WH JBP61WB1WW, JBP61WB2WW, JBP63BB1AD, JBP63BB1WH, JBP63BY2AD, JBP63BY2WH, JBP63BY3AD, JBP63BY3WH, JBP63BY4AD, JBP63BY4WH, JBP63BY5AD, JBP63BY5WH JBS02BB1, JBS03GV5, JBS03GV6, JBS03V4, JBS03V5, JBS07PIY2, JBS07PIY, JBS07V5, JBS07V6, JBS23BB1, JBS26W4, JBS26W5, JBS27AY2, JBS27AY3, JBS27BY2 JBS27BY3, JBS27WY2, JBS27WY3, JBS61BB1AD, JBS61BB1WH, JBS61WB1WW, MB536BB1, MB757WB1, RB525GV4, RB525GV5, RB525V3, RB525V4, RB526V4, RB526V5 RB526WW3 RB526WW4, RB530WB1, RB533GW4, RB533GW5, RB536GW4, RB536GW5, RB585BB1AD, RB585BB1WH, RB585WB1WW, RB632GW3, RB632GW4, RB753BB1, RB757BB1, RB757WB1 RB787BB1BB, RB787WB1WW, RB797AB1AA, RB797BB1BB, RB797WB1WW, plus many more not listed.

 WB44x10009 ERB44x10009 GE Range Bake Element.