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4391960 279247 Whirlpool Kenmore Roper Estate Dryer Heater Element 1 Year Warranty


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New Aftermarket part fits many models.

1 Year Warranty,

Also works in place of part numbers: WP4391960, AP6009347, 4391960, 279218, 279247, 279248, 279410, 279411, 279455, 279598, 279698, 337378, 337430, 339655, 340468, 348774, 348775, 349542, 349543, 349545, 349546, 660933, 660965, 660982, 685182, 685942, 689805, 689980, 690241, 690983, 691724, 692758, 693061, 693062, 693295, 693297, 693298, 693299, 693300, 695182, 696324, 696326, 696579, 697290, 786077, 8218, 8700-599, DE177, DE193, DE195, DE698, PS11742505, WP4391960VP, B0050KJWPE, B0050KJV8M, B0050KJVDC, B0050KJYFW, B008DJZTZG, B008DJYJAC, B0050KJYNY, B0050KJWJK, B0050KJVQO, B0050KJUW4, B0050KJZVA, B0050KJV32, B0050KJWT0, B0050KJUQU, B0050KJVZA, B0050KJWF4, B0050KK00K, B0050KJZAQ, B0050KJY66, B01HQ282T0, B0050KJXNU, B0050KJX94, B0050KJYR0, B0050KJYAW, B0050KJU88, B0050KJWYA, B0050KJWAO, B0050KJXTO, B0050KJUE2, B00ALD5HJ0, B00DAGTHKU, B0050KJU0G, B0156NA4FG, B00QO3C1IQ, B00DM8JEC2, B003XRA3CM, B004XL1TZM, B00F4MHN86, B00FYHQWSS, B0050KJXXK, B0050KJW40, B0050KJZQ0, B0050KJYK2, B0050KJZK6, B0050KJUGU, B0050KJXJO, B0050KJVNC, B0050KJY1G, B0050KJW72, B0050KJZFQ, B0050KJVUU, B0050KJVJG.

This item is a Aftermarket replacement part.

Remember New parts cannot not be returned if the box or package has been opened or if the part has been installed.

This heater may fit other models. 

Compatible Models this part may fit :  LE7680XSW1, LE5650XMW1, LE5700XSW0, LER4434AQ0, LE7810XPW0, LE5800XSW3, LE6810XSW0, LER5634AW0, LER7646AW0, LE5720XSW0, LE6150XSW0, LE5795XPW0, LE5760XSW0, LE5790XMW1, LE7680XSW0, LEC6646AN0, LER4624BQ0, LE4440XWW0, LE5700XKW0, LE5750XMW0, LE6800XTW0, LET6634AW0, LE7800XSW1, LE8860XWQ0, LEC6848AQ1, EL4030VW0, LE5780XKW0, LER6848AW0, REL4434AW0, LEC6646AQ0, LE7680XMW0, LEC6646AW0,     LEC6646AW0, LE5705XPW1, LE5920XMW2, LE6880XSW1, LE9100XTW0, LE9500XTW1, LEC6848AQ2, LEN3434AW0, LER4624BQ2, LER7646AN0, LE5650XMW0, LE8650XWW0, LE9500XTN0, LEC7858AN0, LER5644AW0, LER6634BW1, LHE5700W0, LE5200XTW0 , LE7000XMW2, LE7000XSW0, plus hundreds more not listed. 

4391960 279247 Whirlpool Kenmore Roper Estate Dryer Heater Element