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241741801 241741301 Frigidaire Refrigerator New Freezer Sliding Basket


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Includes: 241741601 Trim

241741701 Trim

241741301 Trim

90 day warranty,

There may be some scratches and abrasions from storage.

Stock # R673E

These model numbers are for reference only, please contact us to be sure this part fits your model.
We have listed these parts under a partial model number, please compare to our pictures and measurements to help determine if this is the correct part for your model.

Compatible Models this part may fit : EI26SS30JB0 , EI26SS30JB1 , EI26SS30JS0 , EI26SS30JS1 , EI26SS30JS3 , EI26SS30JW0 , EI26SS30JW1 , EI26SS35JB0 , EI26SS35JB1 , EI26SS35JS0 , EI26SS35JS1 , EI26SS35JW0 , EI26SS35JW1 , EI26SS55GB0 , EI26SS55GB1 , EI26SS55GB2 , EI26SS55GB3 , EW26SS65GS0 , EW26SS65GS1 , EW26SS65GS2 , EW26SS65GS3 , EW26SS65GS4 , EW26SS65GW0 , EW26SS65GW1 , EW26SS65GW2 , EW26SS65GW3 , EW26SS65GW4 , EW26SS70IB0 , EW26SS70IB1 , EW26SS70IB2 , EW26SS70IB3 , EW26SS70IB4 , EW26SS70IS0 , EW26SS70IS1 , EW26SS70IS2 , EW26SS70IS3 , EW26SS70IS4 , EW26SS70IS6 , EW26SS70IW0 , EW26SS70IW1 , EW26SS70IW2 , EW26SS70IW3 , EW26SS70IW4 , EW26SS85KS0 , EW26SS85KS1 , plus many more not listed.

These parts are from a Scratch and Dent refrigerator, they have been installed but never used, some may still have the plastic or tape still on them.
They will not have a original box, but will be a O.E.M. part. 90 Day Warranty

A Restocking fee of will be charged if the part has to be returned, be sure this part will fit your model.

* Please go by part numbers to find your parts.

241741801 241741301 Frigidaire Refrigerator New Freezer Sliding Basket