WR13X577 WR2X7569 WR13X10020 GE Refrigerator Hinge Pack


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This part is a used part, fits model CSX24XJE

Also works in place of part numbers: SWR13X575, SWR13X576, WR13X497, WR13X498, WR13X508, WR13X5122, WR13X5125, WR13X5127, WR13X523, WR13X575, WR13X575, WR13X576, WR13X576, WR13X614, WR13X614, WR13X615, WR13X657, WR13X658, WR13X727, WR13X728, WR13X728, WR13X735, WR13X736, WR13X741, WR13X741, WR13X742, WR13X742, WR13X750, WR13X750, WR13X751, WR2X4539, WR2X6189, WR49X5099.

Hinge pack includes:
Upper hinge WR13X577
Hinge cover (2) WR2X7569
Bottom hinge WR13X10020

These model numbers are for reference only, please contact us to be sure this part fits your model.

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Good Condition with some abrasions and scratches from use.

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WR13X577 WR2X7569 WR13X10020 GE Refrigerator Hinge Pack