3373198 3370328 Whirlpool Dishwasher Wood Grain Top Panel


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This is a used part from model DP840DWGX2.

90 Day Warranty.

Measures: 24 1/8" WIDE x 26 1/4" DEEP x 1 1/8" THICK.

**One corner is starting to peel and could be glued. The other corner on same side has a chip on the side. The panel is not warped, still nice and straight.**

Part pictured may be slightly different in appearance when there is more than one in quantity.

A Restocking Fee is charged on all returned items. Please verify with us that this is the correct part for your appliance.

Part 3373198 Replaces : 3370328

These model numbers are for reference only. Please contact us to be sure this is the correct part.

Compatible Models for 3373198 : 7DP840CWDB0 , 7DP840CWDB1 , 7DP840DWGX0 , 7DP840SWKX0 , DP840CWDB0 , DP840CWDB2 , DP840CWDB3 , DP840CWDB4 , DP840CWDB5 , DP840CWDW0 , DP840DWGX0 , DP840DWGX1 , DP840DWGX2 , DP840SWKX0 , DP8500XBN0 , DP8500XBN1 , DP8500XBN2 , DP8500XXN0 , DP8500XXN3 , DP8700XBN1 , DP8700XYN3 , DP8700XYN4 , DP920PFGQ1 , DP920PFGQ2 , DP920PFGQ3 , DP920PFGQ4 , DP920PFGY0 , DP920PFGY1 , DP920PFGY2 , DP920PFGY3 , DP920PFGY4 , DP920QWDB0 , DP920QWDB2 , DP920QWDB3 , DP920QWDB4 , DP920QWDB5 , DP920QWDB6 , DP940PWKM0 , DP940PWKM1 , DP940PWKQ1 , GDP8500XBN0 , GDP8500XBN1 , GDP8500XXN3 , IJC22053, plus many more not listed.

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3373198 3370328 Whirlpool Dishwasher Wood Grain Top Panel.