Refrigerator Compressor 3 N''1 Power Start Relay RCO410 1 Year Warranty


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Refrigerator Compressor 3 N''1 Power Start Relay RCO410  1 Year Warranty

3 in 1 start kit for compressors sizes 1/4 through 1/3 HP. This kit includes relay, capacitor, and overload device, pre-wired. This kit will replace all 3 electrical components on capillary refrigeration systems. 

  • New Aftermarket Part fits many models.

    • 1 Year Warranty,   
    • 3 N 1 part replaces most relays, capacitors, and overloads - all in one pack.  SAVE LOTS OF $$$$$
    • This item is a Aftermarket replacement part.
    • This relay combo may fit many models. 
    • These model numbers are for reference only.
    • Compatible Models this part may fit :  12-4990-00-02, 30-2237-00-03, 30-2237-23-03, 30-2237-66-03, 30-3860-00-01, 30-3860-00-02, 30-6237-00-03, 30-6237-23-03, 30-6237-66-03,31-6757-00-01, FRT185BSB0, FRT185BSB3, FRT185BSK0, FRT185BSK3, FRT18B1BW0, FRT18B1BW2, FRT18B1BW4, FRT18B4AQ0, FRT18B4AQ2, FRT18B4AQ4, FRT18B4AQ6, FRT18B4AQ8, FRT18B4AQA, FRT18B4AT0, FRT18B4AT2, FRT18B4AT4, FRT18B4AT6, FRT18B4AT8, FRT18B4ATA,  FRT18B4AW0, FRT18B4AW2, FRT18B4AW4, FRT18B4AW6, FRT18B4AW8, FRT18B4AWA, FRT18B4AZ0, FRT18B4AZ2, FRT18B4AZ4, FRT18B4AZ6, FRT18B4AZ8, FRT18B4AZA, FRT18B5AB7, FRT18B5AB9, FRT18B5ABA, FRT18B5ABB, FRT18B5ABC, FRT18B5AQ1, FRT18B5AQ3, FRT18B5AQ4, FRT18B5AQ5, FRT18B5AQ6, FRT18B5AQ7, FRT18B5AQ9,  plus hundreds more not listed.

Part numbers: TJ90RCO410, AP4503017, 600-410, HS410, RC0410, RCO-410, RCO410.

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