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WR78x8725 GE Refrigerator Almond Outer Freezer Door


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WR78x8725 GE Refrigerator Almond Outer Fastzer Door. New part fits many models. 90 day warranty, Fast Shipping. Stock # R686. These parts are new in box if the box is still usable, otherwise we will be re-boxing them in a better box before shipment. Parts have been in storage for many years unopened, unless we open them for a picture and inspection. These parts have never been installed or used unless stated in the ad. Restocking fee charged if the part has to be returned, check with us if your not sure if it will fit your model. **Part may differ in appearance but is the exact replacement for the above listed numbers.** *Pictures may be a sample - part should be very similar* Please go by part numbers to find your parts. This door may fit other models. Please contact us if you require additional assistance Compatible Models this part may fit : CTH18EAXBRAD, CTH18EAXBRWH, CTH18EAXERAD, CTH18EAXERWH, CTH18EAXHRAD, CTH18EAXHRWH, CTK18GAXERWW, CTK18GAXMRAA, CTK18GAXMRWW, CTK18GAXSRAA, CTK18GAXSRWW, CTK18GAXWRAA, CTK18GAXWRWW, CTM18JACCRAA, CTM18JACCRWW, CTM18JACDRAA, CTM18JACDRWW, CTT18GAXBRAA, CTT18GAXBRWW, CTX18BAXGRAD, CTX18BAXGRWH, CTX18BAXHRAD, CTX18BAXHRWH, CTX18BAXJRAD, CTX18BAXJRWH, CTX18BAXKRAD, CTX18BAXKRWH, CTX18BAXNRAD, CTX18BAXNRWH, CTX18BAXPRAD, CTX18BAXPRWH, CTX18BAXQRAD, CTX18BAXQRWH, CTX18BAXRRAD, CTX18BAXRRWH, CTX18BAXXRAD, CTX18BAXXRWH, CTX18CABALAA, CTX18CABALWW, CTX18CIXHRWH, CTX18CIXHRWW, CTX18CIXJLAD, CTX18CIXJLWH, CTX18CIXJLWW, CTX18CIXJRAD, CTX18CIXJRWH, CTX18CIXJRWW, CTX18CIXKLAD, CTX18CIXKLWH, plus hundreds of older GE and Hotpoint brand refrigerators.