WB3X5479 WB3X5638 WB3X5503 Hotpoint GE Range Burner and Oven Knob Set


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This used part is from model number : RB528*T2, plus many similar models.

Part has 90 day warranty.

Stock Number:  S56  .

This part number replaces: WB3X5482, WB3X5561, WB3X5568, 256984, WB03X5479, WB03X5482, WB03X5561, WB03X5568, Thermostat knob WB3X5638 and Selector switch knob WB3X5503 included.

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WB3X5479 WB3X5638 WB3X5503 Hotpoint GE Range Burner Switch Thermostat Knob Selector Set