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5304408930 Frigidaire Microwave Magnetron Tube 1 Year Warranty


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Replaces part numbers:  WB27X10475, A101, C876102, FV-MZ0081WRKO, FV-MZ0102MRKO, FV-MZ0111WRKO, FV-MZ0114MRKO, FV-MZ115MRKO, FV-MZ0115MRKO, FV-MZ0130WRKOFV-MZ0140WRKO, FV-MZ0144MRKO, MOS0240, M57D18 ,M57D24, OM75P10ERHN ,OM75P10, OM75P(10), OM75S11, QBP75BJ(FN) ,Q0001898481, Q032512043, Q032512841, RV-MZA072/KIT, RV-MZA072WREO, RV-MZA073WREO, RV-MZA102/KIT, RV-MZA167WREO, RV-MZA235WREO, RV-MZA242WREO, RV-MZA245WREO, RV-MZA255WREO, RV-MZA266WREO, RV-MZ0144MRKO, RV-MZ0151WREO, RV-MZ0154WREO, RV-MZ0155WREO, RV-MZ0167WREO, R0156818, R0157453, R0713502 ,R0813505, R0813507, R0813508, WB27X0245, WB27X0348, WB27X0476 WB27X0757, WB27X0764, WB27X10017, ,WB27X10083 WB27X245, WB27X283, WB27X348 WB27X460, WB27X476 WB27X5255, WB27X5410, WB27X582, WB27X764 05200074 05600115, 08009462, 08012891, 08037620, 08950113, 10794402, 115T423P02, 1271-2253, 1271-3855, 1285-0798, 1287-9532, 1311-9219, 1311-9573, 1341-5435, 1350-9955, 147200, 2B70334A, 2M107H254, 2M107A301, 2M128B12M128C2M140J, 2M140M, 2M167AM6, 2M167B(51),2M167B(63C), 2M167M6, 2M210J, 2M219JH, 2M224-M9, 2M226J, 2M240M, 2M240-11, 2032-200-1101, 2039-001-1035, 2039-001-1044, 2039-001-1062, 2039-201-1121, 2705-0003, 2705-0004, 2705-0005, 2705-0006, 3011673, 313034, 32512043, 32512044, 32512082, 32512824, 39611200, 4-214S-05800, 4-214S07801, 4-214S-08100, 4-214S-11600, 4-214S12000, 423R004P01, 423T021P01423T021P02, 423T023P01, 423T024P01, 4313616, 4313675, 4357408, 4365503, 4371775, 520225, 530311673, 5303206781, 5303207612, 5308012891, 53038950113, 617-000-1434, 66BC36465, 68425735, 68744709, 68859115, 68871417, 68912881, 72039-001-1035, 72039-001-131, 72039-001-131872039-201-112, 74001045, 8037620, 9092-200-2219, 396112000, WB27X10162,

New Aftermarket part fits many models.

1 Year Warranty,   Stock # 0230

This item is a Aftermarket replacement part.

Please contact us to make sure this part fits your model, because a restocking fee is charged if the part has to be returned to cover shipping charges.

Remember New parts cannot not be returned if the box or package has been opened or if the part has been installed.

Please email us your model number so we can make sure it is the correct part for your appliance.

This magnetron part may fit other models. Please contact us if you require additional assistance

These model numbers are for reference only, please contact us to be sure this part fits your model.

Compatible Models this part may fit :  6654433451, 6654433452, 6654438890, 6654438910, Kenmore, 6654438911, 6654438912, 6654438913, 6654438914, 6654438990, 6654438991, 6654438992, 6654438993, 6654438994, 6654438995, 6654438996, 6654493310, 6654493390, 6654493392, 6654493393, CMT135SGW0, KCMS122YAL0, KCMS122YBL0, KCMS122YSB0, KCMS122YWH0, KCMS125EBL0, KCMS125EBS0, KCMS125ESB0, KCMS125EWH0, KCMS125YAL0, KCMS125YBL0, KCMS125YSB0, KCMS125YWH0, KCMS132S0, KCMS135SBL2, KCMS135SBL5, KCMS135SBL6, KCMS135SWH0, KEES702SWB0, KEES702SWB1, KEES705SAB1, KEES705SWB0, KEES705SWB1, KEMI300SBL0, KEMI300SBL1, KEMI300VBL0, KEMI300VBL1, KEMS377YWH0, KHMC106S0, KHMS105S0, MB7120XYB0, MB7120XYB1, MT5120XAQ0, MT6120XBB0, MT6120XBQ0, MT6120XEB0, MT9160XYQ0, MT9160XYQ1, MT9160XYQ2, MW3200XS0, MW3500XS0, MW3600XS0, MW3601XS0, MW8100XL0, MW8100XL2, MW8900XS4, MW8900XS5, MW8900XS6, MW8901XS0, RM235PXL0, RM235PXL2, RM255PXP0, RM275PXL0, RM275PXL2, RM278BXP0, RM288PXV7, RM765PXAB0, RM765PXAB1, RM765PXBB0, RM765PXBB1, RM765PXBB2, RM770PXAB0, RM770PXAB1, RM996PXVW3, RM996PXVW4, SM958PEPW0, SM958PEPW1, SM958PESW0, SM958PESW1, SM958PESW2, SM958PESW3, SM958PESW4, SM958PESW5, SM980PEYW0, SM980PEYW2, SM988PEPW0, SM988PEPW1, SM988PEPW2, SM988PESW0, SM988PESW1, SM988PESW2, SM988PESW3, SM988PESW7, SM988PESW8, AMV1160VAB1, AMV1160VAB2, Maytag, AMV1160VAB3, AMV1160VAD1, AMV1160VAD2, AMV1160VAD3, AMV1160VAS1, AMV1160VAS2, AMV1160VAS3, AMV1160VAW1, AMV1160VAW2, AMV1160VAW3, AMV2174VAB1, AMV2174VAW2, AMV2174VAW3, GMH3174XVB0, GMH3174XVB1, GMH3174XVS0, GMH3174XVS1, IMH15XVQ0, IMH15XVQ1, IMH16XSQ3, IMH16XSQ4, IMH16XSS3, IMH16XSS4, IMH16XVQ1, IMH16XVQ2, IMH16XVS1, IMH16XVS2, IMH16XWQ0, IMH16XWS0, MH1160XSB5, MH1160XSB6, MH1160XSD3, MH1160XSD4, MH1160XSQ4, MH1160XSQ5, MH1160XSS3, MH1160XSS4, MH1160XSY3, MH2175XST3, MH2175XST4, WMH1162XVB1, WMH1162XVB2, WMH1162XVB3, WMH1162XVB4, WMH1162XVD1, WMH1162XVD2, WMH1162XVD3, WMH2175XVT0, WMH2175XVT1, WMH2175XVT2, YAMV1160VAB0, YAMV1160VAB1, YAMV1160VAS0, YAMV1160VAS1, YAMV1160VAW0, YAMV1160VAW1, YMH1170XSB4, YMH1170XSB5, YMH1170XSQ3, YMH1170XSQ4, YMH1170XSS3, YMH1170XSS4, YMH2175XSB4, YMH2175XSS3, YMH2175XSS4, YMH2175XSS5, YWMH1162XVB0, YWMH1162XVB1, YWMH1162XVB2, YWMH1162XVB3, YWMH1162XVQ0, YWMH1162XVQ1, YWMH1162XVQ2, YWMH1162XVQ3, YWMH1162XVS0, YWMH1162XVS1, YWMH1162XVS2, YWMH1162XVS3,  plus hundreds more not listed.

5304408930 Frigidaire Microwave Magnetron Tube 1 Year Warranty