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482731 ER482731 Whirlpool Refrigerator Fan Motor


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This evaporator fan motor kit is often utilized with refrigerators from Whirlpool, Kenmore, and many others. Kit includes: 2 Mounting grommets 2 Sleeves (Not used with porcelain models) 2 - No. 8 mounting screws Push-on fan blade, part number 1100938 This Kit replaces hub-style fan motors, part number 482470, as well as the hub-style fan blade, part number 513543.

This fan motor replaces: Part Number 482731 replaces EM342, EM343, Y0056801, Y0056721, Y0056721, R0950025, R0950025, FSP482731, 989687, 946653, 941547, 938296, 938292, 938287, 938149, 938117, 936162, 8537621, 851170, 8112, 549420, 548697, 482733, 482470, 4389140, 4318001, 250347, 250351,2169143, 2169116, 2154977, 2154419, 14218831, 14218828, 14210061, 1105609, 1105608, 1100992, 1100474, 1100473, 0056801, 0056721.

Compatible Models this part may fit : 1065730523, 1065730563, 106722540, 106722550, 106722560, 106724242, 106724262, 106725301, 106725340, 1069738862, 1069738880, 1069738881, 1069738882, 3ET16ZKXWW01, 3ET18GKXWW00, 3ET18GKXWW01, 3ET18GKXWW02, 3ET22DKXVW00, 3ET22DKXWW00, 4ET18GKXWW00, 8ET22DKXDG00, 8ET22DKXDN00, 8ET22DKXDW00, 8ET22PKXYW00, AT20CKXAW00, CT12NCXJW00, E18PKXYG00, E18PKXYN00, E18PKXYW00, EJT144XKWR0, EJT161XKWR1, EJT161XKWR2, ET14AK2LWR0, ET14AKXLWR0, ET14AKXMWR0, ET14AKXMWR2, ET14AKXRWR0, ET14AKXRWR1, ET14ZKXXW00, ET14ZKXXW01, ET16AK1MWR1, ET16AKXLWR0, ET16AKXMWR0, ET16AKXRWR0, ET16AKXRWR1, ET17SCXLWR1, ET18AKXMWR0, ET18AKXMWR2, ET18AKXRWR0, ET18AKXRWR1, ET18ZKXZN00, ET18ZKXZW00, ET19JKXLWR0, ET19JKXLWR1, ET19JKXLWR2, ET19TKXLWR0, ET20DMXBB00, ET20DMXBN00, ET20DMXBW00, ET20EKXPWR0, ET20EKXPWR1, ET20EKXSW00, ET20F134KN0, ET20F134KN1, ET20F134KW0, ET20F134KW1, ET20PKXZW01, ET20PKXZW10, ET20RKXXW00, ET20RKXXW01, ET20RKXYW00, ET20RKXYW10, ET20RKXYW11, ET20RKXZW00, ET20RKYXW01, EV150NXKW1, upright EV15HEXPW0, Freezers EV15HKXRW0, EV15HKXRW1, GFS209-1L00, Amana, GFS209-1W00, JWARG469WP00, JWARG475D00, KTHC18KBAL00, KTHC18KBWH00, KTHD18KBAL00, KTHD18KBWH00, KTHS20KBAL00, KTRS22KDBL00, KTRS22KDBL01, KTRS22KDWH00, KTRS22KDWH01, KTRS22KWWH00, KTRS22KWWH01, KTRS25QDWH01, RT12DET14JK2LWR0KXEL00 Roper, RT12DKXAL00, RT12DKXAW00, RT12DKXBL00, RT12DKXBW00, RT22AKXBL00, RT22AKXBW00, RT25BKXAW00, RT25BKXZL01 RT25BKXZW00, RT25BKXZW01, S22QFWH00, Estate, TT14CKXXW00, TT14CKXXW01, TT14CKYXW00, kenmore, TT20BKXZW01, TT20DKXBN00, TT20DKXBW00, TT22AKXEN00, TT22AKXEW00, plus many more not listed.

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482731 ER482731 Whirlpool Refrigerator Fan Motor.