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297132700 216835200 Frigidaire Freezer Hinge Pack


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This used part from model MFU20F3GW9 fits many similar models including these Compatible Models : CFU09M2AW3, CFU12M2AW1, CFU12M2AW2, CFU12M2AW3, CFU14F1AW1, CFU14M2AW1, CFU14M2AW2, CFU14M2AW3, CFU17F3AW0, CFU17F3AW2, CFU17F3AW3, FFH17FC7CW0, FFU09C2CW0, FFU09C2CW1, FFU09C2CW2, FFU09K0AW1, FFU09K0AW2, FFU09K0CW0, FFU09K0CW1, FFU09M2AW1, FFU09M2AW2, FFU11FC2CW0, FFU11FC2CW1, FFU11FC4BW0, FFU11FK1CW0, FFU11FK1CW1, FFU11FK2AW0, FFU11FK2AW1, FFU11FK2AW2, FFU11FK2AW3, FFU12C2CW0, plus many more not listed.

90 Day Warranty.

Stock # FR156

Includes : 216835200 Screws
5303205738 Screws
297132700 Bottom Hinge
261835200 Upper Hinge
216835200 Hinge Cover
216503200 Hinge Bearing 216443600A

This Hinge Pack is in Good Condition with few scratches and abrasions from normal use.

Part pictured may be slightly different in appearance when there is more than one in quantity.

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216835200 297132700 Frigidaire Fastzer Hinge Pack.