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08016369 08016367 Kelvinator Freezer Alarm Bracket Pack


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This used part is from model number UFS160DM1
Compatible Models this part may fit: F82F169CW0, FFU09M5CW0, FFU09M5CW1, FFU09M5CW2, FFU09M5GW0, FFU12M5CW0, FFU12M5CW1, FFU12M5CW2, FFU12M5GW0, FFU14F9CW0, FFU14F9CW1, FFU14F9CW2, FFU14F9CW3, FFU14F9FW0, plus many more not listed.
This part number replaces: ALARM BRACKET: F000129965, F128591, F129965, R000901038.Switch: 08016366, 3017178, 5308016366, F000128517, F128517, F301138, R000901030.Light: 06594648, 297087400, F115065, F115066, F126159, F128000, F54002, F54896, F55612, F56084. Buzzer: F000128518, F128518, R000901031
Part has 90 day warranty.
Stock # FR252
This alarm bracket pack includes:
Alarm bracket 08016369
Red light signal F128920
Switch 5303017178
Amber light signal 297181900
Buzzer 08016367
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08016369 08016367 Kelvinator Freezer Alarm Bracket Pack