WB44x5082 GE Range Bake Element 1 Year Warranty


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New Aftermarket part fits many models.

1 Year Warranty

Also works in place of part numbers:   240910, 8030, RP44X5082, TS44X5082, WB44X0192, WB44X10003, WB44X192, WB44X5061, WB44X5072, WB44X5082R, WB44X5085, WR44X5082R, AP2031084, PT6093252, PS249466, plus others that may not be listed.

Fits many models.- Fits self cleaning range brands of GE, RCA, and Hotpoint ovens.

Measures: Width - 18 inches, Length - 15 inches, Depth of 2-1/2 inches past flange, Terminals spread 1-1/4" apart.

Specs:   Watts: 2585 / 1940 

              Volts: 250/208.

Chromalox  /  Supco # CH44X5082 and Zoppas # TS44X5082.

This item is a Aftermarket replacement part.

Please go by pictures, measurements, and part numbers to determine whether this part will fit your model appliance. If you do not have a part number go to searspartsdirect, to determine if this part will fit your model..

There will be a restocking fee if the part has to be returned. We do not refund shipping costs. The actual part is pictured.

Compatible Models this part may fit :  363.9308810, 363.9378810, 363.9378880, 363.9858810, 363.9868810, 363.9878810, 363.9878911, 363.9888810, 3639858911, JB390GH1, JB391GH1, JB391GJ1, JB391GJ3, JB391GJ4, JB391GK1, JB400GH1, JB400GH2, JB400GH3, JB400GH4, JB400GH5, JB400GH6, JB400GJ1, JB400GJ3, JB400GJ4, JB400GK1, JB400GK2, JB450GJ2, JB450GJ3, JB450GK1, JB450GK2, JB450GN1, JB450GN2, JB450GP1, JB450GP2, JB490GH1, JB490GJ1, JB490GJ3, JB490GJ4, JB490GJ5, JB500D1, JB500D2, JB500D3, JB500D4, JB500W4, JB500W5, JB500W6, JB500GB1, JB500GD1, JB500GD2, JB500GD3, JB500G*D4, JB00G*D5, JB500G*H3, JB500G*H4, JB500G*H5, JB500G*H6, JB500G*J1, JB500G*J3, JB500G*W4, JB500G*W5, JB500G*W6, JB550G*J2, JB550G*J3, JB550G*J4, JB550G*J5, JB550G*N2, JB550G*P1, JB550G*P2, JB551G*L1, JB551G*N2, JB551G*P1, JB551G*P2, JB600G*04, JB600G*05, JB600G*C1, JB600G*D1, JB600G*D2, JB600G*D3, JB600G*D4, JB600G*H2, JB600G*H3, JB600G*J1, JB600G*J4, JB600G*J6, JB600G*J7, JB600G*J8, JBC16G*01, JBC16G*02, JBC16G*03, JBC16G*F1, JBC16G*F2, JBC16G*J1, JBC16G*J2, JBC16G*J3, JBP26*F5, JBP26*J1, JBP26*J3, JBP26*K1, JBP26*K2, JBP26*N1, JBP26*W5, JBP26A*N1, JBP26A*N2, JBP26A*P1, JBP26A*P2, JBP26A*R1, JBP26A*R2, JBP26AV1, JBP26AV2, JBP26AV3, JBP26G*F1, JBP26G*F2, JBP26G*H2, JBP26G*H3, JBP26G*J3, JBP26G*J4, JBP26G*K1, JBP26G*K2, JBP26G*N1, JBP26G*N2, JBP26G*P1, JBP26G*P2, JBP26G*R1, JBP26G*R2, JBP26G*R3, JBP26GS1, JBP26GS2, JBP26GV2, plus hundreds more not listed. 

WB44x5082 GE Range Bake Element 1 Year Warranty