218592325 215398900 Frigidaire Refrigerator Door Bin


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Picture is a sample - part is very similar - Gray Trim white bin. 

Used part from model FRS26WNC0,25357682790 , fits many similar models. 

Fair condition - nice solid bin but does have some discoloration (yellowing), scratches and may have some stains.

90 Day Warranty. R691  New part number:  218592313

Replaces  218592304, 218592303, 218439616, 218439602, AP2114786.  *Picture may be a sample - part is very similar* Compatible Models this part may fit : FRS26KR4JQ0, FRS26KR4JQ1, FRS26KR4JW0, FRS26WQHD0, FRS26WQHD1, FRS26WQHD2, FRS26WQHW1, FRS26WQHW2, FRS26ZNHB0, FRS26ZNHB1, FRS26ZNHB3, FRS26ZNHB4, FRS26ZXHW0, FRS26ZXHW1, FRS26ZXHW2, GLRSF266JB0, GLRSF266JB1, GLRSF266JB2, GLRSF266JD0, GLRSF266JD1, GLRSF266JD2, GLRSF266JW0, GLRSF266JW1, GLRSF266JW2, MRS26LGJB0, MRS26LGJB1, MRS26LGJB2, MRS26LGJB3, MRS26LGJC1, MRS26LGJC2, MRS26LGJQ1, MRS26LGJQ2, MRS26LGJQ3, MRS26LGJW0, MRS26LGJW2, MRS26LGJW3, plus many more not listed.

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218592325 215398900 Frigidaire Refrigerator Door Bin.